Why the #MeToo Movement Shouldn’t Be a ‘Me Too’ Moment for Film and TV Writers

When I saw the Oscar-winning movie Spotlight, it reminded me that the #metoo movement was not the same as #womenusurvey.

As a writer and producer, I felt I had to be a part of the conversation.

I was encouraged to talk to my female characters about their experiences, to be willing to be vulnerable, and to share my experiences as a female writer, producer, and director.

My stories and stories of my female peers are still so powerful and important.

When I wrote the first #MeIt, I wrote it as a voice for women in the industry, and #MeIts a voice that is important and validating.

I hope that #MeTogether is a conversation for us all.

#MeForHer has become the hashtag for this conversation.

It’s a collective movement of writers and artists who are all speaking out together in support of our female peers, to help inspire others and encourage change.

I am so grateful for the support and support that #metogether has gotten from the people that I work with, who have given me the confidence and confidence to take my work to new heights.

The next #MeMeTogether hashtag will be #MeInHer, a hashtag that we can all join in to support the voices of our fellow women.

What do you think about #MeTheMeToo?

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