Which schools use the best transportation solutions?

When a child is walking, they are using different methods to get to school.

Some are walking on the street, some are using a bike or walking the dog.

Some use walking to get around their homes, some just take the subway.

But there are many schools that rely on public transit.

Here are some of the best schools for using public transit, according to transportation experts.1.

West Virginia University-Mount Pleasant – $2,000 per student in tuition, fees and booksSource: ESPN.com/YouTubeThe Mount Pleasant school offers tuition of $2.5 million per year, a $2 million annual tuition subsidy and a $1 million annual transportation grant for students to take public transit to and from school.

The school also has a $10,000 grant for the use of public transportation to go to and fro.

The total amount the school spends on transportation to and off campus is $7.5 to $9 million per school year.2.

St. John Fisher College – $4,000 in tuition per student for all studentsSource: St. Johns Fisher College/YouTubeSt.

John’s Fisher College offers students tuition of nearly $4 million per academic year, including a $3 million transportation grant.

Students will receive a $500 grant for use of their car, a carpool or a walk-to-school.

This will be matched by a $50 scholarship to their closest college or university.

The grant also provides for transportation to school, which will be used by a team of students who take the bus.3.

Georgia Tech – $7,000 annually per student to travel to and around campusSource: Georgia Tech/YouTubeGeorgia Tech is one of the nation’s most successful public transit systems, and the school’s campus includes a number of transit options, including buses and trains.

It also offers scholarships to help students with transportation needs.

There is a $5,000 transportation grant per academic calendar year for students who have no other financial aid available.4.

San Diego State University – $8,000 yearly for a one-way bus trip to campusSource : San Diego Union-Tribune/YouTubeStudents who have financial aid will be able to take a free San Diego Transit bus to and through campus, as well as a free shuttle bus.

There are also scholarships available to students who want to take the San Diego Metro.5.

Colorado State University-Boulder – $5 per student per year in tuition and feesSource: CBSSports.comColorado State University’s $5-per-student tuition and $5 annual transportation grants will allow students to use public transportation on campus to and away from school for about $3,500 per year.

This grant can be used to pay for transportation for transportation students, faculty, staff, or students from other programs, and it also provides transportation for students taking the bus to campus.6.

University of Texas-Austin – $9,000 to $12,000 a year in student tuition and feeSource: Houston Chronicle/TwitterStudents will be eligible for this $9-million annual grant to help cover transportation costs.

This money will go toward purchasing new transit vehicles, bus upgrades, new parking lots and more.

The university also offers a $100 scholarship for each student who uses public transportation for the entire school year, with an additional $100 available for students living in the community.7.

University at Buffalo – $10 per year for transportation of students and facultySource: Associated PressUniversity at Buffalo’s $10 annual transportation stipend will allow them to cover transportation of their students and staff.

This stipend is $10 for a single student and $10 each for two or more students.8.

Rutgers University-New Brunswick – $15,000-$25,000 for transportation each yearSource: Rutgers University/TwitterThe University of New Brunswick will be one of only a few universities to offer transportation to all students, staff and faculty.

The cost to use the school bus is $15 per trip, or $8 per student.

Students can also purchase a car, which is available for use on campus, for a cost of $30.

Rutgers also has grants available to help fund transportation for their community.9.

University College London – $18,000 annual grant for transportationSource: BBC/YouTubeTransportation costs can be high, especially for students, and students at University College, London are able to use a $18-million-per year grant to cover all their transportation needs during their time at the university.

Students and faculty will receive an additional grant of $10 a year to cover their transportation costs, and this is matched by another $10 in grants for students on campus who have access to public transportation.10.

University Of North Carolina-Chapel Hill – $24,000 every two years for transportation expensesSource: UNC-ChAPEL Hill/YouTubeThis $24-million yearly grant will cover the cost of transportation for UNC-Charl