Which UberX drivers are most vulnerable to theft?

5:22pm 5:02pm UberX driver Jaijoo Dhananjaya says the driver is aware of the risks and is trying to protect his driver from himself.

“There are other people on the road and the police are checking, but I don’t know how much of the problem I have to look into,” Dhannjaya said.

“I don’t think UberX is going to stop but it’s a good thing that the police is checking the vehicles.”

 Dhannjao, who uses a wheelchair, said the company has done a lot to address the problem, including offering special rates for customers who have mobility issues, but he’s not convinced the technology is a solution.

“Uber is trying hard to fix it, but if you are going to make it safer for everyone it is important for them to know what the risks are,” Dyanjao said.

Uber has made an app available for drivers to check on their vehicles.

 The ride-sharing company has made it easier for drivers and passengers to report the problems they encounter on the app.

Uber says it is working to ensure drivers are not forced to use the app and instead use their own devices.

The app, called UberMobile, allows customers to get to their destination quickly and safely.

Dhanninjaya, a disabled driver who said he has had several accidents on the ride-hailing service, said Uber should make sure that all drivers have their own phones to use for safety reasons.

“Uber should be a safe company, but they are not,” Dathan said.

In a statement to The Verge, Uber said it is “working to ensure all drivers are able to use Uber and that they have the technology necessary to safely work in the field.”

The company says it has taken steps to ensure that Uber drivers are properly trained, including setting up a hotline for complaints and encouraging more people to take to social media.

In an email, Uber spokesman Eric Geller said the safety of its drivers and riders is always at the forefront of its company’s minds.

“The safety of our customers and drivers is of the utmost importance and we have made efforts to make sure our safety measures are well thought through and fully implemented, including through training and training and more training and better training,” he wrote.

Uber is not the only ride-share service to experience a surge in thefts.

Lyft reported a surge of thefts last month, with drivers reported stealing from their vehicles in the days leading up to the start of the week.

A recent survey by the National Transportation Safety Board showed that ride-service drivers are at risk for theft, with one in five drivers saying they had been the victim of a theft.

Last month, Uber also experienced a surge when drivers took to social networks to complain about the way the service is being used.

Uber’s app, UberMobile allows customers on its platform to check their vehicles and get to the destination faster.

It is unclear what caused the spike, but Uber says the issue has been addressed.