How to find the cheapest dog transport for Mumbai?

A day before she was to start work in Mumbai on Monday, Durga Varma, an award-winning journalist who has covered politics, science and other issues, received a call from a company that offers transport services for dog owners in Mumbai.

“I had been looking for transport options for the last week, but this company was one of the top three,” she said.

Durga said the company had offered to rent out the car for her and her family, as well as to offer her services in return for money.

“We were told that the price of the car is about Rs 20,000.

But they didn’t have any idea what to offer,” she told NDTV.

The company did offer her a discount if she could get a service dog.

“They asked me to get the dog registered and had me write a letter of intent with a veterinary surgeon.

They gave me the number of the vet and gave me a certificate,” she added.

She also got the name of the dog’s owner on the letter.

The next day, Durgadas journey began with the help of her local newspaper and the local transport company, who helped her find the best way to get to work.

Durgas father-in-law had left for work at 7:30am, and Durga had been unable to get a taxi since the afternoon.

She got in a taxi and asked the driver to drop her off at her house at 11am, while the car was waiting for her.

By 10:30, the car had arrived at the house, and the family had left at 3:30pm.

Dauravadas first flight was to Mumbai.

Dusages a day journey Durga, a resident of Bhubaneswar, had recently started her work at a local newspaper, but it was not until she received a phone call from her husband that she finally decided to take the plunge.

“He called me and asked if I could take a day-long journey to Mumbai, but he would have to pay the fee for the day.

I said, ‘Yes.’

The taxi driver offered Rs 20 lakh for a day’s journey,” Durga recalled.

“The driver agreed, and we took the vehicle to my house at 4am.

By 5:30 am, we had reached Mumbai.

It took us nearly 45 minutes to reach the airport.”

A month of driving around in a cab was not an option for Durga as the journey cost about Rs 5,000 a day, and her car was only a fraction of the cost of a similar taxi in the city.

“For the first two months, I drove a taxi for around Rs 10,000, but now I am only earning around Rs 5 lakh,” she recalled.

The driver also offered a daily rate of Rs 1,500 to help Durga get her bearings.

She said that the journey to and from work had been challenging for her, and that she felt like she was getting stuck.

“There was no money to pay for meals.

I had to take two meals per day, which was not enough.

Even though I am working, I am getting food from my parents.

I am not getting any money from my wife,” she explained.

“If I were to travel to work from home, I would probably have to spend more than Rs 1 lakh per month,” Dusadas father- in-law said.

However, Dusadas parents, who live in Delhi, did not mind taking Durga and her two children for a one-day journey.

“My parents are both working, so I could use them as a financial support for me.

They are the ones who are going to drive the vehicle, and they will help me make the journey,” she claimed.

“It was an honour to go on a journey like this.

It is very rewarding,” she had said.

The journey took two days.

Dushyantra’s story Dushya Varma is an award winning journalist and the editor-in charge of a newspaper, as she reports on issues such as education, food, corruption and other big issues.

In 2016, she became a subject of the Indian Express’ award- winning series “Dushyanti” for her coverage of the Gujarat riots.

The series was nominated for the ‘India’s most influential journalist’ prize by The Economist magazine.

Duryodhara’s story While Dushia Varma was working in Mumbai, Dushdars parents were still unable to find work.

“Dusadya had been in the IT industry for three years and had joined the Tata Group as an engineer.

But after leaving the IT job, she started a new job as a translator.

She has worked in a few foreign languages but has not been able to make any money since she left the country,” Dushhya Varma told NDtv.

Dishia’s family in Delhi said they had tried to get help from the government but were not