Chicago Transit: New Transit Maps show bus routes in North & South Chicago

In the first public transit map that shows routes in both North & Southwest Chicago, there is a big change with bus stops being replaced with “passenger stops” that connect to a new “T” bus stop at the south end of North Ave.

& Cicero.

“The stop is in addition to the northbound & southbound bus stops, the north & south bus stops and the southbound & eastbound bus stop,” the map explains.

“These stops connect to the newly constructed Bus Stop 5 in North Ave., which is currently open, and Bus Stop 9 in Cicero.”

In addition, the map shows the “T Bus Stop” on North Ave between North and Cicero, which is now closed.

The map also shows that a “bus stop” on the south side of Cicero is now an “off-street parking lot” and “closed” to the public.

The map also explains that there are now two bus stops on the north side of North & Cicer.

The first is in the vicinity of North Avenue & Ciceria Ave, while the second is in Cicer at the northwest corner of Ciceria & North.

The bus stop in Ciceria is also now closed, but will reopen to the general public on August 28.

As with previous transit maps, the new map is a collaboration between the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), the University of Chicago and the University Park Transit Center.

The new map has been approved by the CTA, and is due to be released on August 27.

(H/T: Chicagoist)