U.S. is trying to send $2 billion to Venezuela amid crisis

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Thursday the U.s. is sending $2.7 billion in humanitarian aid to Venezuela, but warned the country is at risk of collapse if the international community doesn’t do more.

Guterres spoke as the U!

S.-Venezuela joint statement issued by the secretary-general and the Venezuelan government warned of a humanitarian catastrophe if aid is not immediately distributed to the nation.

The statement said the U!.

S. will help to build the infrastructure needed to address the humanitarian crisis and to ensure adequate access to essential goods and services for the people of Venezuela.

It also called on Venezuela to address and end the violence, which has killed more than 100 people in the last few months.

Gorres’ comments come amid a tense diplomatic standoff between Washington and Maduro, who has called for a boycott of the summit and threatened to close the U!’s embassy in Caracas.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jose Antonio Rodriguez said the United States is attempting to pressure Venezuela into accepting the “sanctions imposed on it” in an effort to undermine the peace talks, but he called the statement “unacceptable.”

Rodriguez said the situation has been “out of control” since the end of the March 2018 coup, and the U .

S. wants to undermine Venezuela’s sovereignty and sovereignty of foreign partners, including the U !s.

The U.K., France, Australia, Germany and Brazil have said they will not participate in the meeting, which is expected to be held in New York next month.