Sherpa auto transports passengers from New Delhi to Chennai to get tickets

Transport of passengers from Delhi to New Delhi is on track to start this week, with Sherpa Auto Transport Ltd, which is backed by the government, on track for an initial service on Monday, December 16.

The new auto service will run from the capital from New Mysuru to Thiruvananthapuram, a distance of 3,000 km and then Mumbai, a further 1,800 km, according to Sherpa’s website.

The company, which was started by Indian-origin Sherpa Sherpa Ambani, has been providing the transportation services to the city for the past three years.

The services, however, have not yet been operational due to a lack of funds.

In addition, transport infrastructure has been deteriorating due to rising sea levels.

The company, however is hopeful of being able to complete the first service by January.

“The services will begin from Thiruvanthapura and will be rolled out from there,” the website said.