When will the Buffalo Transit System be in operation?

By 2020, the Buffalo Transportation System will be fully operational and ready to move, according to Buffalo Transit CEO Andrew McManus.

That means buses, trains, trolleys, and even bicycles are all expected to be on the streets.

In Buffalo, the plan is to have bikes in every street by 2028, as the city looks to eliminate its notorious traffic congestion.

And there’s no stopping there. 

“The Buffalo Transit system is a first-of-its-kind, 100% bicycle-friendly transportation network that will dramatically improve safety, reduce carbon emissions, and promote mobility and mobility-adaptation,” McManuses website states. 

In 2020, a number of projects will be underway to help make Buffalo the most bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly city in the world.

The Buffalo Bicycle Advisory Committee is developing an innovative bicycle-focused strategy for the city. 

Buffalo has already installed a bike share program.

The city has recently begun adding bike lanes, including on the south side of downtown and on the waterfront. 

The city is also working on a bike infrastructure plan to connect the city’s new bike sharing system to existing transportation networks. 

 In 2018, the City of Buffalo also signed a memorandum of understanding with the City Department of Transportation, which includes $1 million for the Buffalo Bicycle Action Fund, the city announced at the time. 

Since then, the organization has received funding from the National Science Foundation and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.