CSA: Active Transport and Security Forces Will Be Deployed to Northern Iraq to Protect Passengers

article A security company is being deployed to northern Iraq to help protect passengers during a transit of people in northern Iraq, as US-led coalition forces continue to work to secure the region after a deadly attack on Iraqi security forces in Erbil.

Security company U.S. Transportation Security Administration is being assigned to the operation in the Kurdistan region to train Iraqi security personnel in the use of ballistic and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and suicide bombs, the company said in a statement.

In response to the attack on the Erbil airport on April 7, a convoy of up to 40 vehicles carrying people and goods entered northern Iraq carrying at least 200 people, including people in wheelchairs.

Iraqi officials initially blamed the convoy for the attack, saying that it had crossed into Iraqi territory illegally, but the U.N. has now said that the attack was the work of an Islamic State militant group (ISIS).

The U.NSF and the Iraqi authorities are working together to ensure the safety of the passengers and cargo and are continuing to assess the situation in the region, the statement said.

The convoy is currently operating under the authority of the Federal Security Forces (FSF), the Federal Police and the Federal Military Police (FMP) of the Kurdistan Region.

At this time, no further information is available regarding the security of the people or the passengers on board the vehicles, according to the statement.