How to use a Tesla Model S to transport your luggage in style

Posted October 10, 2018 09:24:25A few weeks ago, Elon Musk released a new video titled “How to use the Tesla Model 3 to transport the luggage you take with you when you go shopping.”

The video shows the Model S traveling from LA to Los Angeles, stopping in a few different cities along the way.

In the video, Musk discusses how he’s made it a little bit easier to travel the world.

He explains how he has his car parked in an airport and then uses the Model 3’s autopilot to pull into the terminal.

He shows a screenshot of how he takes a flight and then goes on to say that he’s traveling from Los Angeles to New York City with the Model X.

He explains that while he may have to go to the airport a couple times during the trip, he usually only needs to change his seat and change his bag.

He says that when the Model 2 was new, the Model Model 3 was the only way to get from Los LA to New Jersey.

The video ends with Musk saying that while the Model 1 was a great car, he’s always had reservations about its autopilot and its high price.

But he says he’s learned to love it and that he has a lot of reservations about the Model 4, which is supposed to be released this year.

The video also ends with a quote from Musk that he used in a recent interview.

Musk says, “If you want to live a long, productive life, you need to use an autopilot.”

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