Italy to travel to Russia next month

Football Italy has booked a train from Moscow to Rome on November 16.

The Serie A champions will kick off their 2018/19 campaign in Russia on November 18 against St. Petersburg FC.

In the Europa League, they will play Real Sociedad on November 20 and Juventus on November 23.

“The trip will take us back to Italy and we will visit Milan, Roma, Bologna, Udinese and Genoa,” said Giuseppe Rizzuto, the general manager of the club.

“The players will go on holidays with their families.”

The train will leave from the Stadio San Paolo on December 10 and will travel through the Brescia region before crossing the Adriatic to Rome.

The journey will take two hours, 15 minutes, which means the team will arrive at the Stade della Stampa at around 3pm on December 12.

The game against Juventus will take place on December 14, with the final whistle to be sounded at 4pm on the same day.

The team will also take part in the Milan Challenge Cup on December 18.