Uber’s new regional hub, a hub for UberX, will open in Kansas

Uber has opened a new regional center in Kansas, bringing together the company’s driverless cars, self-driving cars and other technology to deliver more reliable, cheaper and more accessible rides.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick announced the new facility Wednesday.

Kalanicks announcement came after he unveiled a plan for the new hub, which will be called “Uber Kansas City” after the state’s capital.

The company plans to expand its fleet of self-driven cars, as well as expand its partnership with Lyft, which is also a self-drive car company.

Kalaland says that in the coming months, Uber will partner with more than 100 Kansas businesses to offer their services to customers.

“We want to provide our drivers and riders with the best ride possible, and our regional partners have helped us with that,” he said in a statement.

Kalalon says that Uber has been “very generous” in terms of funding the project.

“In order to ensure our employees, customers and community members can enjoy the experience of being self-reliant, we’re opening a new hub in Kansas City.

We’re excited to help our city become a hub of self driving cars,” he added.

In the past, Uber has focused on self-propelled vehicles in Kansas.

But with the growth of its fleet and with the popularity of autonomous cars in other states, Uber is now looking to expand in Kansas to other areas.

Uber is hoping that it will be able to provide self-powered vehicles to its more than 1.4 million drivers.

“Kansas City is an ideal location for Uber, because it has the right mix of businesses that can offer its drivers and passengers with a reliable and cost-effective service, and the right technology infrastructure,” Kalanouts new announcement said.

“This will allow us to expand our service to a wider audience of people who want to use self-produced vehicles, and will give us a new customer base that is increasingly looking to access self-generated vehicles,” Kalanaan said.

Uber has said it has received $2.2 billion in public funding, but Kalaninos announcement comes on the heels of a report from The Washington Post, which says Uber is likely to raise $5 billion from investors including Warren Buffett and the Bill Gates Foundation.

Kalans proposal has attracted attention from lawmakers.

Sen. Jerry Moran, D-Kansas City, said that the idea of Uber having a new headquarters in Kansas is a “good thing.”

“I think it will help us to have more visibility in the state,” Moran said.

Kalapras proposal would also allow Uber to “take the first step” towards a self driving car, he said.