Transport company hires 100 people to clean and paint museum of transport,total transport

ZUMONTA, Argentina — Transport company Pérez de los Ríos will hire 100 people in a project to create a new museum of urban transport in the center of the capital.

The city government has hired the company to renovate the Museo del Migrante del María, a historical monument in the heart of Zuleta.

Péz de los Díaz has hired 50 workers in the last two months to build a new exhibition space, a new lobby, an elevator and the old museum.

The workers are to start in January and finish by the end of the year.

“This is a historic project for Zuletas people.

This is an opportunity to show the people of the city that we have a good city,” said Mayor Jorge Fernández.

The new museum will be on top of a large office building, housing offices, a museum, a market and an entertainment hall.

Pésolta is also looking for new partners to help with the project, as well as a new director of the museum.

“The museum is important for Zumbu.

We have a lot of history and people are looking for a place to learn about it,” said Péez de los Aventuras, a Péter García, president of Périz de los Títulos, the company hired by the city government to carry out the project.