Which of these new models is the best?

It was a tough decision, with some thinking the Porsche Cayenne was the better option, while others were still waiting for the best deal.

But for us, the Volkswagen Touareg has won out.

Read more”If you’re looking to get a good deal on a new car, look at the Porsche, because the Cayenne is the clear winner,” said James Tabor, who works in auto retail for an insurance company.

“It’s a little more comfortable, you get a little bit more power and a little better handling.

You also get the all-wheel drive.

The Cayenne has all those things that you want, plus you can take it on a few more long-haul trips with the optional Porsche Safety Package.”

But while it might have the Porsche Sportback package to go with the Cayennes premium package, it’s still going to be more expensive than the more budget-friendly Cayenne Turbo.

And with a price tag of $37,874, it might not be the best bargain in town.