How to make a truck stop stop without the truck stop

Transport museum is trying to turn a truck stand into a transport van.

It’s a project that is already under way in three cities and will soon see the launch of another in Delhi.

The project, which has a unique setup that can be seen in this video, will enable a trucker to drop off a vehicle and have it unloaded without having to go through the back doors of the truck, which can be an arduous task for many.

The transport van will be fitted with a mobile app and an electric battery.

Once the battery runs out, it will be returned to the truck.

This will allow for a driverless truck that can take passengers from place to place.

The idea is that a truck driver could pick up a passenger at a stand or another point, bring it to a designated place, and then pick up the vehicle from there.

The van would be able to travel for up to three hours and be ready to load the passengers from any point.

The cost of the project is estimated at Rs 5 crore.

The Mumbai-based transport museum is part of a nationwide effort to develop a vehicle-based infrastructure for transporting people and goods.

It’s been in the works for about a decade and has received funding from various agencies including the government, National Development Commission and the United Nations.