How to avoid a traffic jam in your car

If you are a passenger in a car and you have a spare tyre, you may be able to take it for a spin.

While the idea sounds simple, it’s not the only way to use your spare tyre to transport a vehicle.

The Transport Commission’s road safety manager, Stephen Brown, said it was important to understand the impact that having a spare spare tyre would have on your vehicle.

“A spare tyre can be used as an auxiliary wheel or to keep wheels from turning if you need to change lanes,” he said.

Mr Brown said the use of spare tyres would help you avoid an accident.

He said the number of fatalities and serious injuries caused by a crash involving a spare tire would be significantly reduced.

However, if you use a spare, it would be wise to get a replacement tyre from your local tyre supplier.

If you are going for a drive around, you will want to use a car that has a spare wheel.

Drivers who don’t have a tyre are more likely to hit their heads or face in an accident when using a spare.

The Transport Department has published a Road Safety Information booklet titled Road Safety Guide 2018, which outlines the best ways to transport your spare. 

Mr Brown recommends that you take a spare if you have it.

But if you don’t, you should use it to get around, he said, adding that the cost of a spare is less than the cost to replace a tyre.

A spare can also be used for driving lessons.

As part of the lessons, it is recommended that you use the spare tyre if you are able.

You can buy spare tyres from a tyre shop, or find them at any car repair shop.