Midwestern medical transport and transportation of choptank transporters

By MICHELLE WALTERSTEINCH, NBC NewsThe choptanks, the cargo trucks that transport American troops to and from Afghanistan and Iraq, are an integral part of the U.S. military presence in the Middle East, but they are now being used by some foreign governments to transport troops from the region to Europe, too.

Choptanks are often used by the military to transport medical supplies and medical equipment.

But the choptanking industry has seen a recent spike in the number of foreign military vehicles being used for military transport.

Chootchank companies have seen a spike in foreign military trucks carrying supplies to Europe in recent years, according to a study by the RAND Corporation.

They include:The RAND study also found that more than 40 foreign military transportation companies are now in the United States, with nearly half of them located in the Midwest.

A spokesman for the company that manufactures the Choptank is not available for comment.

In the United Kingdom, the Ministry of Defence has been ordered by Parliament to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the military and civilian use of chootchanks.

The ministry’s military and security affairs directorate is to report back by May 2018.

A government spokesman said the military is “committed to the use of military vehicles for the safety of our troops and the public, while also maintaining a robust and reliable chootank network.

The military also intends to continue to work closely with the chootching industry to ensure its continued success.”

Choottanks were introduced into the U