SUDDEN CHANGE: A man is being prosecuted for allegedly using a remote-controlled helicopter to deliver drugs to his house

A man who allegedly used a remote control helicopter to fly drugs from his home to a pharmacy in Sydney’s west has been charged with importing drugs and transporting stolen goods.

The man, aged in his 20s, allegedly flew the drugs to the pharmacy at around 4:30am on June 3 and delivered them to the house.

He is charged with trafficking in controlled drugs.

Police said he was “unaware” that he was operating the helicopter, and did not appear to be licensed to operate a helicopter.

The drugs, worth $1,000 each, were found inside a locked safe in the basement of a house in the city’s western suburbs.

A police statement said the man, who did not give his surname, “appeared to have a lack of knowledge about how to operate the helicopter”.

It was not clear if the man had prior convictions or any convictions on record.

“The defendant appeared to have no previous criminal convictions, nor any previous drug-related convictions,” the statement said.

“The defendant’s past criminal history is well documented.”

The helicopter was flown from Sydney to the suburb of Warrington on June 2.

The man is due to appear in court on September 2.