Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Chairman and Governor Steve Beshear announced today that the state’s Transportation Management System (TMS) is to be privatized.

TMS is one of several programs in the Department of Transportation that operate on a national level to manage traffic, and in some states have been purchased by private companies, including a $2.5 billion contract awarded to the Transocean Group.

The governor’s office confirmed that Beshears Cabinet has received a memorandum of understanding from Transoceans, and that the company will acquire control of TMS.

In a press release, Besheers said, “TMS is a critical tool for Kentucky transportation, but I am glad to see that Transoecan will be taking control of this critical infrastructure management system in order to improve safety, improve efficiency, and save taxpayers millions of dollars.”

Beshearis press release also highlighted that the privatization of Tms will result in a more efficient management of Kentucky’s public transportation network.

Tms, according to Besheari, is a central part of the Department’s overall transportation management system and is “critical to maintaining safety and keeping the system operating efficiently and safely.”

In recent years, Tms has been subject to criticism for its inability to efficiently manage traffic.

A 2012 study by the American Public Transportation Association found that TMS could cost taxpayers nearly $2 billion over its lifetime, as it relies on “unreliable” information, which is a common problem for any public transportation system.

The American Public Transit Association also noted that “the current TMS data is outdated and inaccurate, and the agency’s failure to improve or update TMS over the past decade is making it even more challenging to implement safer and more efficient traffic management strategies.”

The Transportation Management Systems Administration has been criticized for not doing enough to ensure that its operations are compliant with federal laws.

The Department of Transport has not made public any plans to replace TMS or to make it more efficient.

Besheares statement came on the heels of the announcement by Beshearian’s predecessor, Republican Governor Steve Stivers, of a plan to privatize the Kentucky Transportation Authority.

Earlier this year, Beshes administration began an internal review of the TMS’s operations and safety.

The TMS was recently designated as a “critical infrastructure system” under the federal Homeland Security Act.

TBS, which stands for Transportation Board Service, was established in the late 1970s as a precursor to the Department.

It was tasked with managing and overseeing all aspects of Kentucky State Parks and Recreation facilities, and also served as the operator of the Kentucky Department of Tourism and Acadia National Park.

The agency has oversight over the Kentucky Highway Patrol and the Kentucky State Police, and oversees transportation services for the Kentucky state government and the counties.

TMs oversight includes the maintenance of state-of-the-art vehicles, facilities, vehicles, equipment, equipment upgrades, and transportation operations.

The Kentucky Transportation Department is one component of the State Transportation Administration, which has oversight of the entire state highway system.