When will you be able to get a Metrobus?

The Metrobus has been around since the 1950s, but its first use was in the 1970s to ferry passengers between the northern suburbs of Brisbane and Adelaide.

A new model was introduced in the 1980s and the Metrobus is expected to be in service by 2020.

Transport for NSW says the new fleet will have a range of passenger capacity of 6500, including 1,500 commuters.

In the past the new bus was available to commuters in the south-east.

The State Government is also investing $300 million to upgrade the state’s bus fleet to allow the new buses to travel between the major cities.

NSW Government transport minister, John Robertson, said the funding would be put into a fleet-wide project to enable the bus to be used to transport people from all of NSW.

He said that the government would also support other transport projects, including the planned redevelopment of the Central Coast Highway.

“We’ve got an enormous number of things that we need to do to make sure we’re in the forefront of transport technology, infrastructure and investment in NSW,” Mr Robertson said.

“This investment will help us make that happen.”

A new Metrobus passenger at the State Government’s Central Coast Hub.

Photo: Peter Rae/Supplied A new metrobus passenger on the Central Road.

Photo of Metrobus service, Central Coast Road.

Source: NSW Government Metrobus driver and driver of a Metro bus.

Photo from Central Coast.

Source Metrobus passengers disembarking at Central Coast hub.

Photo by Scott Gidley.

Mr Robertson told ABC Local Radio the state government wanted to see the Metro bus in service for the first time, so the Metro Bus Service Agreement was signed on Wednesday.

“It was a significant commitment that we’ve got to be able, as the first transit authority to have a Metro Bus service, to be ready to go to service in 2020,” he said.

Mr Roberts said the agreement included funding for a new bus fleet and a new fleet management plan.

Mr Turnbull said the Metro project would provide “a huge boost to the state” and he was confident it would be successful.

“The Metro bus service is very much part of the state of NSW’s infrastructure, it is part of our transport network, and I look forward to seeing the first Metrobus in operation in 2020 in a state where we’re going to be making a lot of progress,” he told the ABC.

“I’m confident that this is going to make a big difference.”

Mr Robertson also said that while the Metro system had not been successful in other areas, it was in a strong position to be successful in the Central coast, with a mix of existing infrastructure and new services.

He called it a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity”.

Mr Robertson praised the Metro’s “fantastic partnership” with the State Transport Agency.

He also thanked the Metro board for their hard work to get the Metro to Brisbane, and for working together to ensure the Metro was the first rail system in Australia to use an electronic tram system.

“They’ve done it well,” Mr Turnbull told reporters.

So we’re really pleased to have them back in the game.”