How to avoid the ‘worst case scenario’ of air travel from LONDON to LONDON

The biggest problem of all for Londoners is that the number of flights from Luton to Heathrow has nearly doubled since 2010, the Guardian reports.

The airline has now started operating three times as many flights per year between Luton and Heathrow as it did a year ago.

Heathrow also has a backlog of more than 6,000 passengers.

Heathfield Airport has also seen an increase of nearly 30 per cent in flights since the start of this year, the Times reports.

But it’s the third-busiest airport in the UK, with the majority of flights being to destinations like Paris and London.

The Guardian has put together a handy infographic that helps to visualize this situation.

The map above shows which airports in the country are busiest, with London at the bottom and the rest of the country in the middle.