Rideshare is ready to take over the automobile industry

Transport Minister Andrew Constance says the state’s first rideshare carpool will be rolled out by the end of next year.

The rideshare operator is set to be launched in partnership with the Montréal-based auto transport firm Alta-Citi, which will provide the company with its vehicles, Mr Constance said on Wednesday.

“This is a great partnership.

It’s a really exciting moment,” he said.

Mr Constance did not give an estimate on how many cars the rideshare company will have on hand by the time it is operational.

It will be a partnership between Alta and Transport Minister and Mr Constances chief of staff, and a joint venture between Alte Citi and Rideshare.

The company said it would not be able to offer a full range of vehicles at launch, but said it planned to bring new models to market.

But the Minister of Transport said that would not stop Alta from investing in its vehicle production, which was “absolutely key”.

“We’re looking forward to a very exciting future with Alta,” he told reporters.

Alta’s CEO said that if the ride share service went ahead, he hoped it would allow people to travel between Montréals and the rest of Canada.

“I’m excited about it,” said John Gagnon.

Rideshare operates in more than 100 cities in Canada and the US, and in more countries than just the US.

Some local jurisdictions are taking notice.

Montréal’s mayor, Denis Coderre, has said he was “pleased” by the government’s announcement.

More to come.