A lot of traffic in the north: Montreal to Boston, via Montréal and Boston

Montreal, Quebec, March 11, 2021– It is not unusual to find a driver looking for a place to park.

But the road leading from the French Quarter to the northern suburbs of Montreal is often choked with traffic.

A major highway linking Montréa and Montreal City is closed for the winter, and there are frequent detours due to the weather.

That means, at times, the streets are jammed with cars and people who need to park elsewhere.

A number of transportation experts and politicians have been calling for better road conditions, and the province has responded with an ambitious plan to build a network of high-speed, toll-free highways, which would bring in millions of dollars for the city and its businesses.

The plan includes a toll-road, and is currently being considered by the Quebec government. 

The proposed road, dubbed the Lachine-Montreal Expressway (or MNE), would connect Montreal to the cities of Montréi and Montreal, where traffic is expected to pick up.

The highway would run through Montréatian territory, linking the north to the southern suburbs, including Lachine and Notre-Dame-de-Grâce.

The project is a major step toward connecting the North American cities of Montreal and Boston. 

“This is a big step forward for Montreal, and this is a positive sign for all of us who are concerned about the environment, who are worried about climate change,” said Paul Brossard, a transportation expert and head of the Paris-based Institute for Transport and Environment. 

Quebec’s MNE would be the second high-quality road to link Montreal to North America, following the existing Trans-Canada Highway (also known as the Côte-des-Neiges) that connects Montreal to British Columbia. 

This will help reduce the amount of traffic that would cause congestion and the traffic jams that result, according to the Quebec Transportation Authority (QTA).

The project would also help reduce congestion along major arteries such as the Highway du Nord, the Highway de la Concorde, and Highway 20, the QTA said. 

Highways linking Canada to the United States were supposed to begin in 2019, but are still under development.