‘I am a car driver’: Roma to open new road for motorcyclists

A new motorcyclist route between the north and the south of Rome will be opened in the coming weeks to give drivers a chance to practice on the road, a move which is expected to boost the region’s economy.

The road between the city of Turin and the Italian capital will be named after former Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta, who was the driving force behind the project in 2007.

Roma is expected take the lead in the project and will take up the role of the Italian Minister of Transport from September.

The route is one of three in Italy that will soon be opened by the city, with the other two due to open by the end of the year.

The other two routes are the A7 from Turin to Turin, which will be open to motorcyclers starting in April 2019, and the A5 from Turis north to Turini in July 2020.

“I want to show how good this region is,” said local politician Andrea Giordano, a member of the centre-left Lega Nord party, in an interview with Corriere della Sera.

“When you are in Turin you see how good the roads are.

I want to help to promote this region, to attract new riders, to make the motorcyclism more attractive.”

A lot of roads are not good, but we want to improve the condition of the roads.”‘

I want the roads to be better’: Roma mayorThe city has long been plagued by traffic jams, with drivers having to make long detours to get to work, while motorcyclters are often left stranded and their vehicles not repaired for months.

Letta’s government was one of the first in Italy to develop the idea of introducing motorcycling to the city.

But he has since been in charge of a controversial plan to make roads safer for the elderly and disabled.

Giordano said the city would be ready to open the route to motorcyles at the end-of-year meeting in October.”

The mayor will be there to open it at the start of November, and we hope that by that time the roads will be safe for motorcyls,” he said.