TX Transit driver to be sued over alleged misconduct

A driver accused of taking money from a patient’s travel insurance plan could be on the hook for millions of dollars in unpaid medical bills, according to the Texas Transportation Code.

State District Judge Ronald Gould on Tuesday issued a temporary injunction halting the payment of money from the Texas Medical Plan (TMP) for several weeks.

Gould said the alleged wrongdoing would cause a “significant” financial hardship for a disabled man and that the driver should have known the payment would be onerous.

The TMP, an insurance program for medical expenses for Texas residents, allows for a maximum amount of $2,500 for medical claims.

The maximum payment is $1,000 for claims for the first month, $1 and $1.50 for each subsequent month.

The judge said that the money will be held in escrow until the court can issue an order in the case.

Gough, who is a former Texas Railroad Commission (TRC) commissioner, said the case is similar to another case in which a TMP worker allegedly pocketed $20,000.

Grief has alleged the driver, identified as “John Doe” in the court documents, made several false statements to the TMP and the courts.

The TRC said in a statement that it has suspended the driver’s license, while the agency has been “working closely with the TRC to investigate” the allegations and to determine the next steps in the ongoing litigation.

The complaint alleges that in the past six months, John Doe has worked as a driver for the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), including two assignments for DPS’ Transportation Operations Center (TOC).

John Doe allegedly paid for trips by himself, and then later reimbursed the DPS with his own money.

Goldsbach said that in both cases, the alleged misdeeds are not isolated incidents, but part of a pattern of misconduct by John Doe.

Gearsby has said the TTP is trying to recoup money from John Doe and that he has been placed on administrative leave.

The DPS said in its statement that DPS was working with the court and other parties to determine what steps it will take to recontact John Doe, and it will provide any necessary financial assistance to him and his family.