Canada and Mexico sign deal for more than $20 billion in medical transportation services

Canada and Mexican states signed a deal Tuesday to share $20.3 billion in transportation services, including ambulances, transport vans and other vehicles for patients and their families.

Canada’s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure announced the agreement in a press release.

It will provide a variety of transportation services in Mexico including the ability to deliver ambulances and other medical equipment, including wheelchairs, for patients in need.

Mexico has long struggled to improve its capacity to transport its people, particularly children, to and from hospitals and clinics, which are more expensive to provide.

Mexico has been grappling with a surge in cases of coronavirus among children, and the new contract would allow the Mexican government to transfer certain medical equipment and personnel to the United States, said Canada’s transportation minister, Marc Garneau.

Garneau did not offer specifics about how the money would be spent.

The deal includes a $8.3 million transfer of some medical vehicles to the U.S. to provide a medical transport system for patients to get to and return from Mexico.

The agreement also includes $4.4 million for new ambulances to be used in the U, and $3.5 million for medical equipment to be moved to the States.

Mexico is also receiving $1.5 billion in federal funding to support its response to the coronaviruses spread.

Garneau said the deal was a “major milestone in the bilateral relationship” between the two countries.