Horizon Transport CEO to launch ride sharing app to help the disabled

Horizon Transport’s CEO will launch a ride sharing application for the disabled that will let them take their own private vehicle.

Horizon is hoping the app will help the countrys most vulnerable population to get around in an affordable and safe way.

Horizon is also working on a ride-sharing app to make it easier for the vulnerable to get out of wheelchair accessible vehicles.

The launch of the ride sharing service will see people from around the country share their ride with friends and family.

It is hoped that this will be used to get more people out of the house.

In addition to the ride-share app, Horizon is also looking to develop an app for the blind.

Its CEO, Dr. Tonya Mazzucato, said the company was looking at providing an app that would let people access and share the same vehicle, whether they are disabled or not.

Dr. Mazzucho said Horizon had been working on the app for about two years and that the app had been accepted into the Australian Public Transport Network’s Driverless Car Test Programme.

“The application is now available for test purposes and it has passed all the standards,” Dr Mazzuchi said.

There are currently more than 5,000 people enrolled in the pilot programme.

She said the app would allow people to share their own vehicles with people who were travelling to or from the test site.

People who want to sign up can go to www.horizon.com and sign up for the beta trial.

Anyone who signed up for a trial should receive a confirmation email on Monday.

At the moment, the app has only been available for the people in Melbourne and Sydney, Dr Mitzucho added.

If you have any questions about the ride share service, please contact Horizon’s Customer Care team at 1 866 828 878 or email [email protected] .